The following collection of photographs were taken about 1982. The small caption accompanying each photograph will provide a little information, but for detailed history, a book written by Mrs. C. Myers to commemorate the Church's 350 th anniversary in 1986 is strongly recommended.

 If any further information is required or just to comment please email: info@lmlhg.org.uk

1.South elevation.

2.North elevation.

3.South elevation.

4.Sundial dated 1634 over south porch.

5.South elevation.

6.East window.

7.Sundial in south wall dated 1713.

8. Original bell (1640).Now hung in main porch.

9.Plaque commemorating 300th anniversary.

10.Interior of Church steeple.

11.Church bells, 8 in total, installed in 1841.

12.East window installed in 1912.

13.South window.

14.East window.