"Characters" outside Royal Hotel.Low Moor.

Courtesy of Woods Visual Imaging. Bfd . ( Photo No.A.14221)

Aerial view of Low Moor  ( approx 1965 ) prior to redevelopment.

Huddersfield Road from Odsal runs from top L.H.corner.

Before 1790 Low Moor was nothing but a sleepy hamlet where a small number of cottages housed a few handloom weavers who sold their produce in places like Halifax Piece Hall.

The village changed beyond all recognition around 1790 due to the establishment and subsequent rapid growth of a company which was to become a worldwide name.   THE LOW MOOR IRONWORKS

The rapid rise in the number of employees caused a great increase in the local population and the need for housing , churches, shops, pubs and public buildings to meet their needs changed forever Low Moor’s image .

The image was again changed during the 1960’s and  1970's when the whole area was redeveloped. My collection of photographs date prior to this change and show the streets etc. as they were originally constructed mainly in the 19th century.

For many years I have had a keen interest in the area’s history and during 1983 I helped in the production of a book , produced to raise funds for Low Moor Holy Trinity Primary School, a vast collection of pictures having been obtained following very successful appeals for local photographs and most were unpublished due to the book's limited space.

During recent personal family history research , I became aware of the importance of being able to access old pictures of other areas and thought a web page would be an ideal way of sharing the resources I have , so here is my effort ,with apologies for the quality of most of the pictures, but at least some sort of a record remains , as the majority of the streets and properties shown here have been demolished and the few remaining have changed greatly.

I hope they will prove to be of some interest.

As many of the photographs were taken of  empty properties due for and during demolition, it should not be assumed that they are typical of  Low Moor. Many old properties survive and mix well with their more modern neighbours, providing a mix of properties, homes and amenities for residents and the many and varied companies which have been attracted to the area.

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