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From the pictures listed below, only numbers 3,8 and 18 remain relatively unchanged in 2001.

  1. New Road Side . Wyke. From Green Market junction with Huddersfield Rd. towards St.Marks Church.

  2. New Road Side . Wyke. Butcher St. 1972.

  3. New Road Side . Wyke. Towards Wyke.

  4. New Road Side . Wyke. Near junction with Perseverence St.

  5. New Road Side . Wyke. Old cloggers shop.1972.

  6. New Road Side . Wyke. School Place.1972.

  7. New Road Side . Wyke. Temperance Street .1972.

  8. New Road Side . Wyke. New Inn .1990's

  9. New Road Side . Wyke. School Place .1972

  10. New Road Side . Wyke. Shops.

  11. Junction Hotel . Huddersfield Road to left and Storr Hill  and Barraclough Square to right. 1973.

  12. Old post office. Junction of Green Market and Huddersfield Road.Light coloured building in centre of picture was formerly The Babes in The Wood Hotel. 1982.

  13. Saddler Street .New Road Side. Wyke. 1982.

  14. Babes in The Wood Hotel. New Road Side. Arthur Dennison was landlord at time of photograph.

  15. Between Huddersfield Road and Woodside Road. " cafe " was rear of  former inn "Babes in The Wood".

  16. Main Street, off  New Road Side. Working Men's Club to right. Formerly cottages, then garages.1982.

  17. New Road Side cottages , during demolition.

  18. Cottages in Storr Hill.1990's

  19. " Frank's"  ( Wilkinson ) fish and chip shop in Storr Hill. Wyke swimming baths to right.1940's

BIRKBY'S BRICKWORKS. Founded in 1869.  Closed 1982.

The photographs are from 1982 / 83 , just before and just after the closure of the works.                                                  

The site is now occupied by a new housing development at the top of Wilson Road.

  1. View of  works yard with Wilson Road to left and looking towards Huddersfield Road. Truck sign reads                           H.BIRKBY & SONS .LTD.STORR HILL BRICKWORKS.WYKE .BRADFORD.Phone 76012.                      ( Truck Reg. XKW 463 )

  2. General view of brick kilns.Wilson Road in foreground.

  3. Brick kiln  unsealed and cooling ready for unloading.There were 8 individual kilns fronting Wilson Road and each was fired by it's own furnace.

  4. Interior of a brick kiln.

  5. Vent area above brick kilns.

  6. Yard side of clay processing shed.

  7. Truck railway line from quarry loading hopper to processing shed.Wilson Road runs parallel to left.

  8. Trucks for transporting clay. The system of a flanged line and plain wheels was unusual. Similar lines were flanged wheels and plain lines.

  9. Quarry loading area with hopper to rear.

  10. Hopper door

  11. The top or processing shed end of the line. Here the trucks were unloaded and returned empty to the quarry.

  12. View from the works end of the plateway, overgrown after closure.

  13. The windlass which was operated by an endless chain used to haul the trucks to the top of the incline.

  14. Grinding / pulverising wheels for processing clay . The wheels were 5 feet diameter and 1 foot wide.

  15. Driving gear ( 8 feet diameter crown wheel ) for above wheels. The machinery was made by Bradley and Craven Ltd. Wakefield. The raw clay was delivered for mixing by a 18" diameter worm.

  16. Brick moulding press.

  17. Driving gear for brick moulding press.

  18. Maintenance department

  19. Brickyard workers in 1933.

  20. Mr. Len Binns, a brickyard worker in 1933. This picture and 19 were kindly sent by former Low Moor man, Mr.Tony Boocock now living in Australia.


  1. Old workhouse. Odsal.1905.

  2. From Odsal Top .Looking down Manchester Road.1930's

  3. Odsal Top . Looking down Cleckheaton Road. Old fire station to right.1930's

  4. Odsal roundabout. Before underpasses were built.1970.

  5. Odsal, during construction of underpasses for Manchester Road.1973.Centre building and fish and chip shop to left survive at the top of Cleckheaton Road..

  6. Looking down Huddersfield Road towards Low Moor.1973.

  7. Robertshaw's Mill . Odsal.1973

  8. Across Odsal Top during reconstruction. The now " Top House " and the building on the left survive.1973.


  1. Oakenshaw Mill during demolition. 1982.

  2. Front of Oakenshaw Mill. Carving over the doorway reads :- OAKENSHAW MILL Co.LTD. 1868.

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