This selection of photographs and their copyright belong to Mr Bernard Seed.

Bernard, a former resident of Low Moor, now living in Nottinghamshire, took the colour pictures using Kodachrome film in about 1953.


1.Looking along Brighouse Road.

Short Row to the right. Holy Trinity Church

in the background.


2.From steelworks towards Holy Trinity

Church. Cleckheaton Road runs centrally

across picture.


3.Towards Wesley Place. All foreground

now occupied by Ciba Chemicals.


4. Old mine in Wyke Lane near to Wilson

Road junction.


5.Central chimney belonged to B.D.A.

in Wilson Road. Again all foreground now

Ciba Chemicals


6.End of Chapel Road near to Cleckheaton

Road junction. Sal Royd estate now where

new stucture is.


 7.Wesley Place Chapel, now demolished and

houses in Cleckheaton Road. Foreground now

all Ciba Chemical works.


8.Holy Trinity Church choir around 1950,

with the vicar Rev.A.W. Price.


9.General Low Moor view from Manor Row

area. Steelworks are in middle distance.