1. Low Moor Ironworks about 1850 From area of Holy Trinity Church . Future Brighouse foreground.

2. School St. junction with Huddersfield Rd. Grocery store later Lyon stores on R.H corner.

3. Low Moor Post Office and shops in Huddersfield Rd.from Lower School St. Old cinema ( still stands ) to R.H.side.

4. Lyon stores corner of School St. and Huddersfield Rd.

5. Across Victoria Square towards cinema from outside Victoria Hotel

6. Shops in Victoria Square , from across Huddersfield Rd at the top of Bolton St..

7. Victoria Hotel . ( The Drop ). Old Lyon stores in background.

8. General view of Hill Top , from Royds Hall area.Victoria Mill chimney to right rear.

9. School St. junction with North St. towards Huddersfield Rd. Old public baths to L.H.corner.

10. Earlier picture but same location as above. Harold Park Carnival Parade. Note public baths gas lamp.

11. Public baths building , corner of North St. and School St.

12. School St. junction with Huddersfield Rd. "To the slaughter house " . Wilson St. in rear. Bink's shop.

13. Old Low Moor Post Office and houses in Huddersfield Rd.from Lower School St.

14. School St. No.7 . Shoe shop.

15. School St. towards Huddersfield Rd.from junction of North St. Public baths to L.H.side.

16. School St. from Huddersfield Rd. Bank in centre of picture.

17. School St. shops in background . Taken from Oxley St.

18. School St. Oxley Place (Aldersgate ) Methodist Church. Bank to L.H.side.

19. School St. Oxley Place (Aldersgate ) Methodist Church. Earlier view.

20. School St. Primitive Methodist Chapel.

21. School St. towards park ,corner of John St .P. M. Chapel building when in use as commercial building.

22. School St. Above building just before demolition.

23. School St. Shops near junction of Huddersfield Rd.from Oxley Place Chapel .Gate pillars visible.

24. School St. Wellington Inn and Barclays Bank. Downes Square in centre of picture.

25. School St. towards Huddersfield Rd. Low Moor Working Mens Club to L.H.side. P.M.Chapel to right.

26. School St. Borrows Store. Corner of School St and Oxley St.

27. School St. Cursleys Fruiters . Corner of School St and North St.

28. School St. Crossroads with Union Rd. Towards Harold Park in rear.( 1985 )  

29. School St. Fund raising characters Harold Park Carnival. Steps of P.M. Chapel on R.H.side.

30. Rigby's wire mill from across cricket field.  (1970)        

31. Rigby's wire mill from across cricket field.. Earlier view with cricket match in progress.(1960's)

32. Rigby's wire mill from bottom of Wesley Ave. ( late 1960's)

33. Morley Carr. Rear of George Street. (1983)

34. Morley Carr Club. Rear of premises. (1983)

35. Morley Carr Club. Rear of premises with Dross Hill Farmhouse .(1983)

36. Keystone over Dross Hill Farmhouse door . WH.1747. (1983)

37. Wesley Place Methodist Chapel, First St. in foreground.

38. Wesley Place Methodist Chapel, Across Wesley Place.

39. Wesley Place Methodist Chapel . Opening Ceremony 1905.

40. Wesley Place Methodist Chapel . Opening Ceremony 1905.

41. Wesley Place Methodist Chapel . Interior showing organ.

42. Wesley Place .2nd Street from Main Street crossroad.            

43. Wesley Place . Across Cleckheaton Rd. showing Chapel and Co-op building.

44. Wesley Place . Across Cleckheaton Rd. showing Co-op building and Iron Works mineral line and train.

45. Wesley Place . 2nd Street and 1st Street junctions with Cleckheaton Rd.

46. Wesley Place . Corner shop. Corner of 4th Street and Main Street.

47. Raw Nook. Fish and chip shop.Fields Rd.

48. Raw Nook. Premises of Jack Wright . Junction of Fields Rd. and Cleckheaton Rd.

49. Raw Nook. Fields Road. ( SEE ALSO PICTURES 184,185 & 186. FOR RAW NOOK )

50. Raw Nook. Terry Road.

51. Raw Nook. Fields Road and Cleckheaton Road junction.

52. Raw Nook. Shop at corner of New Works Rd. and Cleckheaton Rd. with other shops in Cleckheaton Rd.

53. Raw Nook. As above but a front view across Cleckheaton Rd.

54. Raw Nook .Bierley Ironworks. General view from Furnace Rd.

55. Raw Nook. Bierley Ironworks. During demolition.

56. Harold Club. Huddersfield Rd. Early picture with ironworks chimney in background.

57. Harold Club. Huddersfield Rd. Slightly later picture with addition of clock .

58. St. Mark's Church. Huddersfield Rd. Interior view showing East window and alter.

59. Collier Gate . Towards Union Rd.

60. Collier Gate . Towards North St.

61. Collier Gate . Towards North St. ( colour )

62. Rear of Collier Gate front of Sauders Row from Union Rd. Methodist Chapel in School St. in background.

63. Rear of Collier Gate front of Sauders Row from Union Rd. Methodist Chapel in School St.( colour )

64. Victoria Square . Vegetable delivery cart and man in front of shops.

65. Victoria Square. Holy Trinity Church Parade 1921.

66. Victoria Square. Holy Trinity Church Parade 1921. With horse drawn float.

67. Victoria Square. Shops about 1967.

68. Victoria Hotel from end of Common Rd , junction with Huddersfield Rd.1967.

69. Victoria Hotel from end of Common Rd , junction with Huddersfield Rd. Early 1900's.

70. Victoria Hotel from in end of Common Rd junction with Huddersfield Rd. 1920's

71. Same view as above taken in 1980's. Co-op food fare.with Drop Kick pub above .

72. Royds Hall . Front elevation. ( colour ) ( 1975 )

73. Royds Hall . Inside view with furnishings. Early 1900's

74. Royds Hall farmyard with haymaking machine pulled by 2 horses.

75. Royds Hall dam towards Abb Scott Lane.

76. Royds Hall dam almost empty during 1961 drought. ( 2 small pictures)

77. Low Moor Station from gas works area towards Railway Terrace In background .

78. Low Moor railway junction  looking towards station from New Works Rd.

79. Low Moor railway junction , viewed from station bridge.

80. Low Moor Station . General view of buildings.

81. Low Moor Station signal box.( 1975 )

82. Railway crossing Cleckheaton Rd.prior to bridge being built. George and Black Horse pubs in background

83. Cottages at bottom of Royds Hall drive ( Park Bottom).St Mark,s church in background.

84. General views cross to Low Moor Ironworks from Royds Hall Drive.

85. General view cross to Low Moor Ironworks from New Road Side area . Prior to building Markfield estate.

86. Holy Trinity Church Whitsuntide parade in Common Rd.

87. Holy Trinity Church . Low Moor.

88. Holy Trinity Church interior showing gallery , (later removed) .Towards East window.

89. Holy Trinity Church interior showing gallery , (later removed). Towards rear of church.

90. Holy Trinity Church . Old vicarage .

91. Hill Top School from Common Road. Rebuilt 1927.

92. Hill Top School from Common Road. Before 1927.

93. Hill Top School interior before 1927.

94. Hill Top School . Laying foundation stone for rebuilding 1926.( Mr. Rhodes )

95. Hill Top School from Common Rd. 1980's

96. Harold Park

97. Harold Park showing childrens paddling pool and Milligan Memorial.

98. Harold Park from hills at top of Park Rd. S.Brayshaw & Co. Art Studio. in foreground.

99. Harold Park. Milligan Memorial.

100. Harold Park. Boys playing on large cannons made at Low Moor Ironworks.

101. Harold Park . Drinking fountain.

102. Scotts School .

103. Carr Lane School . from Holly Hall Lane.

104. Carr Lane Tide. Morley Carr in background.

105. Holly Hall Lane . North Buildings at the bottom. (1985)

106. North Buildings . bottom of Carr Lane.

107. Shop in Carr Lane from Kellet Buildings.

108. Views across Carr Lane football field (1990)

109. 17.Carr Lane and Kellet Buildings.(1990)

110. The Fleece Inn in Carr Lane now used as a fencing company and formerly canteen to English Electric Co.

111. Morton's Mill ( building ). Carr Lane.

112. Union Rd. Properties during demolition.

113. Rayners . Drapery and fent stores . North St.

114. Binks, Fish and chip shop in Wilson St.

115. Lower School St. from Huddersfield Rd. Outside Victoria Inn.

116. Odsal House.

117. Oxley St.

118. Lower School St. Towards Victoria Inn , seen in centre background. School Rd on R.H. side.

119. Lower School St. showing Hill Top School and School Rd.

120. Lower School St. showing School Rd with old police station in Common Rd. in background.

121. Wood St. towards Huddersfield Rd.

122. Bolton St. Furnace Inn on L.H side.From Huddersfield Rd.

123. Bolton St. Dr. Bowler's surgery on L.H.side Furnace Inn below.

124. Bolton St. Wilson's Boot Shop. Decorated.

125. Union St. New Inn and Victoria Mill below.

126. Union St. Victoria Mill.

127. Union St.New Inn and Victoria Mill ( colour )

128. Low Moor House from Hird Rd.

129. Sargent St. Showing housing in Hill Top Fold.

130. Hall St.

131. Sargent St. From Common Rd. Old Hill Top.

132. Sargent Square . From Common Rd.

133. Sargent Square . From Sargent St. Corner shop in foreground.( Was Brayshaw's )

134. Wood St. from Common Rd.

135. Seed St. from Common Rd.

136. Common Rd. from Huddersfield Rd. Ironworks over the wall to right.

137. Common Rd. 1 property.

138. Old Hill Top.

139. Low Moor Cinema. From Victoria Inn.

140. West St.

141. Wood St. from Huddersfield Rd. Bishops Bakery and Halifax Building Soc.

142. North St. showing old public baths on corner of School Street . Manor Row in background.

143. Huddersfield Rd.shops towards Wyke.

144. Huddersfield Rd. shops towards Odsal.

145. Cartwright St.from Lower School St. Victoria Mill chimney centre rear.

146. Manor Row

147. New Works School.

148. New Works School building now as a garage.(1985)

149. School Fold . Abb Scott Lane.

150. Abb Scott Lane .Moor Top.Low Moor.

151. Cartwright St. towards Lower School St. ( colour )

152. Wilson St.towards School St. Victoria Inn to right.

153. Wilson St.towards Lower School St.

154. John St. towards School St. with old P.M.Chapel building on R.H.side.

155. James St.

156. Hope St. towards North St.

157. Portland St. towards North St.

158. High St. from Mill St.

159. Tyrrel St. towards Union Rd.

160. Nelson St. towards Union St. Victoria Mill buildings.

161. Thomas St. towards School St.

162. Wellington St. from Manor Row.

163. Union Rd. Gable on R.H side is end of Collier Gate.

164. Union Rd. corner of Victoria St. on R.H side.

165. New St. towards rear of Oxley St.

166. West St.from Harker St.

167. North St. towards School St. Mill building on L.H.side.

168. North St. Junction with Union St.

169. North St. towards Lower School St.

170. Harker St. with West St . off to L.H.side.

171. Smith St. from Lower School St.

172. Victoria St. towards Victoria Mill.

173. Mill St. towards Manor Row.

174. Mill St. towards School St.

175. Mill St. from Manor Row . ( colour )

176. Harker Rd.

177. Albert St. towards Union St. Mill buildings in background.

178. Fountain St. towards Victoria Mill.

179. Fountain Square.

180. Tordoff Square

181. Downes Square from School St.

182. Victoria St. towards Union Rd.

183. Portland St. nos. 10,12,14 and above them nos.59.61 and 63 Manor Row.

184. Raw Nook Bolland St. Railway Terrace in background.

185. Raw Nook The Croft.

186. Raw Nook . Lockwood St. Between George and Black Horse pubs.

187. Plaque which used to bound a memorial tree in Netherlands Ave . to Leslie Woodcock aged 20 in 1917.

188. Kings Head Inn .Halifax Rd.

189. Old coal drops at junction of Abb Scott Lane and Huddersfield Rd.

190. Park Bottom ( Bottom of lane leading up to Royds Hall past dam.)

191. Low Moor Ironworks remains of New Works Site just before site was cleared.

192. " The Arches " across Brighouse Rd. These were used by trucks to convey furnace waste from ironworks to tips.